Finding Jesus Journey

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Finding Jesus on the Journey
Acts 13:4-12
This passage of scripture follows Paul and Barnabas to Cyprus. There they encounter a couple of men and ultimately sends both of them on an eternal journey. While reading this passage, think about when you accepted Christ as your savior, or the times where you saw Him perform miracles and fulfill promises – good and bad.

Into the Word

Read Acts 13:4-12
Q1. Who sent Paul and Barnabas to Cyprus? (verse 1)
Q2. What did they do upon their immediate arrival? (Verse 5)
Q3. Where did they do this? (Verse 5)
Q4. Who was their helper? (Verse 5)
Q5. Who did they meet at Paphos? (Verse 6)
Q6. Who wanted to hear the word of God?
Q7.What enabled Paul to boldly speak against the evil in this man? (Verse 9) …show more content…

How did Paul describe Elymas? (Verse 10-11)
Q9. How did Paul’s words effect Elymas? (Verse 10-11)
Q10. How did Paul’s words spoken over Elymas effect Bar Jesus? (Verse 12)

Group Discussion
What struck you about Elymas’ encounter with God?
What factors do you think played into Bar Jesus’ conversion?
What did your first encounter with God look like?
Did that encounter only affect you?
Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit and obedient to the commands of where the Lord told him to go. Why is this important? How can you follow Paul’s example in

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