Finding My Purpose Was Complicated For Me

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Finding my purpose was complicated for me. Throughout my life I have been faced with difficult challenges that made me question my reason of being alive. The lost of my father, being an identical twin, my mother’s health problems, my health problems, and my goal changes have a been obstacles I have encountered. But out of everything I have been through searching for myself was one of the hardest things I have every done. Over the years I have struggled to answer the question who am I?
My sister and I just turned 8 and we were faced with a decision of who we wanted to spend our birthday with. We had the choice to go with my mother to chuck e cheese or go with my father to his band rehearsal. My sister and I went back and forth contemplating on what we wanted to do. We eventually decided to go with my mother and we had a great time, but later that night everything changed. We had received a call that my father was in the hospital, we had rushed to my father’s bedside. We were greeted by my two older sisters and older brother. We prayed and prayed, but it was not enough, a few days later he had passed away.
Losing my father at a young age was extremely difficult, it took a toll on my family. Which resulted in living in a single parent household. My mother constantly worked to try to support me and my sister. Some nights we struggled to find something to eat, we couldn’t participate in activities, and we watched our mother slip away. Seeing things at that age, we were
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