Finding Solutions to India's Poor Essay

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INDIA is rich in its diversity of forms of informal settlement, which experience daily the realities of vulnerability to a wide range of hazards. In the way that Indian cities have grown, there has been uncontrolled development that simply obeys the necessity of the deprived classes of obtaining a habitat inside the environment of the city that allows them possibilities of getting employment and better living conditions, this has motivated the urban population's growth to increase at a rapid rate. However, spatial location of poor people has simply shifted, with worse living condition.
Informal settlement upgrading and development by its nature requires a strong emphasis and focus on the resident communities. The Urban design …show more content…

The urban poverty apart from being distinct from rural poverty also has another dimension which reveals that the problems being faced by the poor in small urban areas are different from that of large cities. However, in general, the urban poverty manifests in the form of inadequate provision of housing and shelter, water, sanitation, health, education, social security and livelihoods along with special needs of vulnerable groups like women, children, differently abled and aged people.4
In urban centers, people are dependent on public and private services to mitigate the environmental effects of the overcrowded conditions in which they live. Surveys have revealed that low-income groups residing in informal settlements are paying heavy costs. They have serious problems of physical congestion and economic deprivation that have been accentuated over the years. Lack of access to basic services such as water and sanitation can also be taken as an indicator of the prevalence of subserviced settlements, thus urban poverty is invariably associated with poor living quality. Often in overcrowded unsanitary slum settlements there is easy spread of infectious diseases. Lack of access to services also plays a major part in the spread of disease. In the developing world the five major childhood conditions that are

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