Finding The Steady State Temperature Distribution Of A Beam

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The aim of the project is to find the steady-state temperature distribution in a beam. Since it’s impossible to solve the model analytically due to the irregular geometry of the cross-section, the temperature distribution will be found using ANSYS-Mechanical to model the problem and solve using the finite element method.
The report will go through creating the beam using some pre-set values and calculating the rest using a student’s ID number and applying specific boundary conditions.
The temperature distribution will be investigated by changing the boundary conditions of the front surface and inside of the pipe to being fully insulated and later, the heat transfer coefficient will be changed from 60 to 10W/m2 with the results being recorded between changes. The differences between each changes on the model will be discussed in the results/discussion section. Model description
The beam model used to find the steady-state temperature distribution was created using the pre-set dimensions that are shown in the diagrams below: FIGURE 1: Cross section of beam FIGURE 2: Parameters of beam Source for Figure 1 & 2: Math1122 assignment 1. Images by Ding, 2015
The missing geometric values of the diagrams – l, w1, w2 – were calculated using a student ID number and the following equations: l = 14 - the last digit of the student number = 14-8 = 6m w1 = 7 + the 2nd last digit of the student number = 7+1 = 8m w2 = 1.7 + (the 2nd last

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