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Finding the Leader in You: Self-Assessment/Johari Window BUS520/Leadership and Organizational Behavior April 21, 2013 In today’s society, the expectations of companies are to improve business resources. The objective is to develop business practices and increase productivity. Organizational Behavior is the ways in which people behave, individually and collectively, when working together in organization. (Law, 2009). To do this we study the psychology, sociology, anthropology, and political science aspects of people. We must remember that the most important factor in Organizational Behavior is the people. People and their…show more content…
Finally, the fourth windowpane is the “unknown”. This area of the window is a secret area, neither an area that you can see nor others around you. I scored twenty-three in Receptivity to feedback, and thirty-one in Willingness to self-disclose. These scores left me with a large “open” and “blind” area. After reading the information provided and understanding this analysis I have realized things that have been rather “blind” to me. When looking at my personal Johari Analysis I think what and who molded these areas that I am today, In the assessments of myself, my results revealed that I manage my time well. I scored an eight out of twelve score. The hire the score, the closer my behavior matched the recommended time management guidelines. The area of the Johari window that this matches is the “arena”, or the open area. It is known by my managers that I can manage my time well by completing the most important task first during the morning in which is my most productive time. All other task are delegated to others that can complete the task effectively in timely manner. I have taught myself how to complete all task efficiently and effectively instead of responding to task as they occur by creating a “to do” list. This area needed some attention but was unaware to myself. This “blind spot” was brought to my attention during my first

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