Finland Vs Usa Research Paper

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93% of high schoolers and graduate, whereas it's only 75.5% in the United States. This shows how there are more graduates in Finland than in the United States. Many have been saying that, as for education, “United States stands at the top,” which is not not true due to the fact that Finland has a better curriculum. The United States curriculum is not nearly as good as Finland’s because Finland has a Multidisciplinary curriculum, there are shorter days in Finland, and their school structure is improved. First, Finland’s multidisciplinary school curriculum and why it’s better than the U.S. Most people think it’s better to have more subjects, but that means that you're lacking in depth. With Finland, you can go into more depth with each topic. You will learn in depth so that you truly grasp the concept being taught. You learn more with that single topic and only move on once you have the skill mastered. Each student is more engaged in Finland than in U.S. schools. This is an effect of having smaller sized classes. Also, it is helpful getting 10 minutes of free time for every 45 minutes of work so that you don't have much energy during a lesson. An upside to the way Finland teaches is the fact that one class can teach two things thing at…show more content…
Many people in the U.S. think longer days are necessary, however it makes students more tired and less ready for their day. With shorter days, teachers have more time to plan a higher quality lesson. They can add more things to do, or find a better way of doing those things. Students will have more social time because they go to school for less time. This is good for a student's mental health. On top of that, students will get more rest. Most students can relate to being tired during a class, with the U.S. system. In Finland, students get more rest. This allows students to be more prepared for their day. That is how beneficial shorter days can
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