First And Second Language Acquisition And The Theories Of Literacy Learning And Associated Approaches Essay

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The purpose of this report is to explore the different theories related to first and second language acquisition and the theories of literacy learning and associated approaches. Furthermore, to consider the impact it may have on language learning, how it relates to the role of a language teacher and the implementation of strategies to facilitate and foster effective learning.

Language and literacy is a key component for effective social interaction and communication. Strong literacy skills will provide the learner will effective tools to implement in their daily lives and increase the probability of gaining employment. I have referred to some excellent books; such as “How Languages are learned” and “The Natural Approach” for information and guidance. Additionally, I reflected on prior knowledge of Theories of Learning, gained through attainment of 7307 and CertED. Peer discussions and tutor explanations helped me greatly to exchange ideas, to seek clarification and guidance in completing this report.

1.1,1.2 a)Theories of first and second language acquisition and learning and associated language learning approaches.
Language acquisition is one of the main characteristics of human development; it is an essential tool for humans to communicate with one another. First Language (L1) acquisition refers to person’s natural acquisition of their mother tongue. Second language (L2) acquisition is learning another language after a first language has
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