First Day Jitters Character Analysis

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Summer has finally come to an end and now you are expected to head your way back to school. The first day back may be tiresome to many due to putting an end on happiness summer brought. For other back to school is the time of their life. New bag, bottles, clothes, and pool of stationeries filled their sight. However, you may feel you know a school is a place for learning. It's a place where you form new associates, come in contact with people of different nature and form new ideas and habits. Everyone's experience is different and it's one to remember.

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg is about a new grade school teacher named Sarah Jane Hartwell who isn't excited about teaching at her new school. However, her husband encourages her to go and enjoy it. Sarah and I are similar and different in many ways. At the beginning of the story Sarah didn't want to get out of bed due to laziness. I also felt the same as her on the first day of school because I was upset that summer came to an end and I had to put an end on all the fun summer had brought. Also, on the first day school my dad drove me to school just like how Mr.Hartwell drover her wife. Sarah and I are different because Sarah is a teacher and i'm a student. This is interesting because the story tell us that even teachers dread coming back to school just like us students. This is how I related with First Day Jitters.

When I Was Eight by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton is about a eight year old Inuit

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