First Exchange In Hamlet Essay

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In scene five the Ghost and Hamlet have their first exchange. Through their exchange the Ghost reveals to Hamlet that it is the spirit of his dead father. It tells Hamlet that his uncle, Claudius, had killed his father for the crown and Gertrude. He is then told that the only way his father’s ghost could be freed from purgatory is if he revenged him. As dawn approached the Ghost disappeared from sight leaving Hamlet alone giving him the seclusion for a second soliloquy. This monologue allows the audience to hear what Hamlet is thinking after this strange encounter. Hamlet states, “I’ll wipe away all trivial, fond records, /All saws of books, all forms, all pressures past, / That youth and observation copied there, / And thy commandment all alone shall live…” (Act I, scene V, 106-109). In these lines Hamlet is describing how he will wash away all the trivial matters from his mind and only keep the command that the Ghost had given him. His only focus is now on revenge. His new found purpose in life is to revenge his murdered father.…show more content…
In this soliloquy Hamlet cursing himself because an actor is able to find more passion in something that is fictional than he can muster with the motive he has. He then creates an elaborate plan to write a short play which will resemble the circumstances around his father’s death to make sure the Ghost is who it says it is. It seems to me though that Hamlet is only prolonging his mission by checking to see if the ghost is truly who it claims to be. After his talk with the Ghost, he had walked away with only his only objective in mind being revenge. So why didn’t he just poison the king that day and have revenged his father’s spirit? It seems that Hamlet is hesitant to take action not just because he wants to check the validity of the Ghost’s story, but also because he is fearful to live without
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