First Guarantee Business Analysis

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It has been three years since Mary Jane Ramirez and her family moved to Seattle, Washington. Dan, Mary Jane’s husband, had been transferred from Los Angeles, California to Seattle to work for Microrule. Mary Jane quickly filed a supervisory position at First Guarantee Financial, one of Seattle’s largest financial institutes. Mary Jane never thought that she would be a widowed single mother within a year of moving from sunny California. Dan had suffered from a burst aneurysm and never gained consciousness. Although Mary Jane had suffered a major loss, she was able to balance being a single mother of two young children and maintaining a successful career. Mary Jane had earned a reputation as a “can-do” supervisor. She earned her reputation…show more content…
Lonnie explained to her that he and his team had made the fish market a more enjoyable place to work. The first step was to “choose your attitude”. Although Mary Jane understood choose your attitude and what it meant, she didn’t see how there were any similarities between the fish market and First Guarantee. After Lonnie explained the day to day activities at Pikes Place Fish Market, Mary Jane started to see the similarities in the two businesses. Both businesses have mundane task which can make for a boring work environment. It is up to you to choose your attitude toward your work, you may not like the work but you can choose to be more enthusiastic about your job and have a more positive attitude. Lonnie sent Mary Jane home to think about “choose your attitude” and come back later. Mary Jane thought about the “choose your attitude” and how to incorporate this philosophy into her plan. Mary Jane did some research; she got an inspirational tape from Bill and looked back at some notes from an old seminar. She had a meeting with her staff and explained to them that you may not be able to choose the situation but you can choose the reaction. By the end of the week her staff had accepted the concept and made a “choose your attitude” poster. This poster was the first thing Mary Jane saw when she stepped off of the elevator on the third
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