First I Like For Thank The Cvh Er Story Book Report

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First I like to thank the CVH ER story book team for having an excellent idea to share our stories at ER-story book. I had joined Jan 2015 as an ER-Tech at CVH emergency department to a completely new area in my career avenue with dedication, enthusiasm and ambition to work with CVH-ER working groups from my entirely different background as a preclinical research scientist. My desire to directly in health care organization, changed my work direction from preclinical research scientist. After joining here I was and am enjoying my duties as well as friendly and cooperative working environment. One day when it was about 5 months of my working period, surprisingly I was checked for my performance level as there was some complain regarding working efficiency. I am thankful to ER manager/s she/they have evaluated my working proficiency and inspired me after monitoring me. To be very honest I was surprised and shocked at that point but this incident motivated me to accept and perform more challenging duties. Following approximate 3 month, I was working in Care Center (early Aug, 2015). The lead came to me and requested me to initiate and IV saline lock and blood work for an extremely difficult poke in room #35. Patient was already poked by 3 different persons as well as by the lab technician couple of times, but the job was not successful. Lead also told me that doctor needed to start IV bolus along with medicine as soon as possible for his treatment. Lead also came with me if I

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