First Impressions: Pride and Prejudice

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There is great truth to the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” as they are said to be very important in the establishment of relationships. In Jane Austen’s renowned book, Pride and Prejudice, first impressions play a big role in the sequence of events that take place, as they form the fundamentals of the characters’ interactions with one another. This is a novel about overcoming obstacles and attaining sentimental prosperity. For the protagonists, Elizabeth and Darcy, one of the major barriers they need to overcome is the novel’s original title; First Impressions. Elizabeth’s judgments about the other characters’ dispositions that she associates herself with have a major contribution to the progression of the circumstances that take place over the course of events throughout the novel. The origin of these first impressions begins at the ball when Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley initially meet the other characters. Without even interacting with one another, these two leading figures have their minds made up about the latter. Elizabeth’s strong views and assessments form the screen through which the reader develops perceptions of many characters in this novel. Elizabeth is the second daughter of the Bennet family and the most clever and witty of her sisters. Her honor, integrity, and intelligence allow her to detect the absurdity penetrated deep into the often malicious society. Her impulsive judgment and sharp tongue have led her to the worst of
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