First Time Meeting With Hv

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First time meeting with HV was interesting because by the end of our visit I was able to rule out my assumptions. Prior to meeting with clients I like to read up on their files. Having access to a file gives workers a glimpse into a client’s life. However, it is important to still explore a client because fully understanding someone involves communication but also physical interaction (face to face). Since HV was a new client, access to his file was not an option. There was only a name with no face. I was told to explore the client and reach out immediately. Not only did I not have file access to the client I was also informed of a possible language barrier. Before meeting this client he was already perceived as a “difficult” client. I was concerned about the communication level. I also had knowledge that he was a Hispanic male. There are many stereotypes based on the Hispanic male population. The term “macho man” is commonly used phrased to describe the pride and the toughness of a Hispanic male. I automatically linked the term and stereotype to the client and assumed he would give me a hard time while receiving my services because receiving help lessens a form of strength and integrity for some individuals. As I engaged with the client he was able to give me insight about himself. Everything I thought was not exactly true and I was able to start assessing and building a rapport with the client.
HV seemed flustered and down the first time we met. He hardly gave contact and

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