The Importance Of Office Comfortable For Clients

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A. Engagement Process Before meeting with a new client, I believe that the office should be made to be feel comfortable for the client. To make the office comfortable for clients, I would try to have a nice atmosphere when clients walk in with relaxing music. Once in the office, I allow the client to decide where they want to sit so they feel that they have some control of the situation. If it’s an option, I would have a couple different options for seating in my office for this reason. I would also make sure that there is not anything too distracting, and have a white noise machine to block out outside noise. During the engagement process, it is important to establish rapport. In establishing rapport, I tell Pat that he is in …show more content…

During the initial sessions, I think it is important to learn why the client is there from the client’s perspective. I use a not-knowing approach to learn more about why Pat is there from his perspective and what his goals are. This would allow for me to learn about the client’s wants, goals, strengths, and successes from their perspective (De Jong & Berg, 2001). Once I know what his goals are, I can partner with him to figure out a plan and interventions to achieve his goal or ways to modify them. Learning what he considers the goal of seeing a social worker allows me to know what skills we could work on building or improving. It is important to learn what the client wants to accomplish and how they plan to do so. Letting Pat tell me about himself also allows for me to see what his strengths are without me guiding him too much. This may also allow for the client to realize his own strengths and feel more empowered. Doing this would allow me to learn what stage of change Pat is in. It is important to know what stage of change a client is in so I do not push them too much on certain issues before they are aware and ready to deal with these issues. I also provide Pat with affirmation, reassurance, and reliability to make him feel more secure in the social worker/client relationship. B. Biopsychosocial Assessment. Presenting Problem Pat was initially admitted to an inpatient treatment facility

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