First World Bank Savings And Loan

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First World Bank Savings and Loan
First World Bank Savings and Loan strives to become the leader in the competitive financial institution market by applying new and updated security policies to their advanced Linux based server applications.
Company Background:
First World Bank Savings and Loan is a financial institution in the United States, a leading financial service firm that estimates over $100,000,000 a year in online credit card transactions for loan applications and other banking services. The organization offers various banking services, such as loans and deposits. Customers can choose how they want to bank with; branches, ATMs, mobile, online and by phone.
First World Bank Savings and Loan through the integrated information technology department plans to implement the following:
• A modern and update security policy that meets or exceeds all Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation regulations.
• The installation of multiple Linux based servers for the complete operational utility of First World Bank Savings and Loan computer related task.
• The creation and proper management of all user based accounts for the successful operation of First World Bank Savings and Loan entire database.
• Remote mounting options and the implications of selecting read-write versus read-only options.
• Secure architecture design for common web-based e-commerce platforms using Apache and MySQL servers.
• Layered security design for the protection of the bastion host
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