Fish, Crabs And Craw Fishes

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Crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs and craw fishes has been the top choice for most chefs and fine dining restaurants as materials for their seafood dish specialties. This is due to the unparalleled taste and texture of the meat that can be obtained from them. Certain parts of these crustaceans have been singled out as the tastiest ones. These are the claws and the legs. For lobsters, the tail part is sometimes left out in preparing dishes because, according to chefs, have less desirable qualities. This may be a mistake for them because lobster tails are superb materials for some high end dishes. Knowing how to cook lobster tails informatively will allow us to fully maximize the culinary experience we get from lobsters. Some people fear …show more content…

When adding flavor to the lobster meat, marinated spices can be added or brushed to it. Lemon extract and flavored butter are also tried-and-tested additions. But as mentioned earlier, this may increase the cholesterol level of the meat a little bit. After the meat preparations, the time to cook lobster tails begins. The temperature of outdoor griller 's should be adjusted so as not to burn the lobster meat immediately. High temperatures may add a burnt taste to the meat. After achieving the right opacity and firmness of the meat, the grilling process to cook lobster tails ends. Before serving it, brush the still hot meat with butter or mayonnaise. In order to cook lobster tails with excellent results, be wise in choosing which type of lobster to buy in the market. There is more preference to cold lobster tails than warm ones. Why is this so? Cold lobster tails, according to experienced buyers and chefs, have the best quality in terms of taste, texture and firmness. A warm lobster tail will have lower taste quality and poor texture. This is true even if they are grilled. A cold lobster tail will not have undesirable odor, will look fresher and possess finer texture than warm ones. With these statements, it is clear that the skills needed to cook lobster tails don 't always involve the preparation of materials and the actual cooking process. Choosing the

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