Fitness and Nutrition Paper

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Fitness and Nutrition Paper University of Phoenix Paradigms of Health / SCI 100 Fitness and Nutrition Paper Fitness and nutritional habits should be more enforced in today’s society; especially in the United States. The general public as a whole is less healthy the prior days. People are not as active, make poor eating choices, are indoors more often and always on the run. This is the results to an unhealthy culture. By changing our day to day habits by incorporating healthy meal planning and exercise we can beat this growing change. As for my current fitness and nutritional habits they are improved than they were a few months past. I use to eat on the go, never work-out and essentially do what was quick, easy, and …show more content…

With meat I am really not a huge fan of, as for fruits I truthfully am too lazy to cut them up and have them prepared for the following workday. This is something that can easily be fixed, and I will. I have also started to use the My Pyramid website that was listed in the book. This is a great tool and tracker. An even easier way to improve health is by reading labels. Reading these labels can help you to increase the nutrients that you want you and your family to eat, like

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