The Effects Of Obesity On The United States

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An epidemic is happening in the United States of America; obesity is on the rise. The United States is currently is second in the world’s most obese countries with more than two-thirds of adults being overweight ("Overweight and Obesity Statistics"). Countermeasures to promote a healthier living style are on the rise, also. For instance, Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program promotes eating healthy food and increasing exercise. The NFL promotes sixty minutes of play for children each day to promote healthier living and establishing an active lifestyle. However, the one area of healthy living promotion is lacking and that is food information. The United States must change their source of food information; the food label must be changed. Currently the food label is inaccurate, loose in regulations, and hard to read. By changing the food label to an easier, clearer, and more accessible source of information, then the American public will have easier access to information. Furthermore, the American public will have an easier time choosing healthier options towards food. First off, in order to revise the food label, we need to understand how it is supposed to work. The food label was develop, and is currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration since 1993 (Rosso Grossman, “Food Labels”). The food label is currently has four requirements. The first is the principal display panel. This is in the front of the package and the label is what the food is commonly

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