Fix Our Fields Research Paper

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Fix Our Fields
Public schools are in dire need of improvement. If there was one thing I could change from my school, it would have to be the athletic fields. I would make major improvements to the fields. Improving the school’s athletic fields would be very beneficial. It’s important to improve the state of our outdoor fields because it would increase the amount of sports teams that want to rent it, attract new students, and attract money from the government. One of the main reasons I believe we should fix our fields is that it would attract more sports teams. Sports teams need a practice field and it usually ends up being a public school’s athletic field. If the school was to improve our fields, it would in turn attract more teams. Attracting more teams would mean that there would be more competition to play on our fields. Having lots of competition to play on the school’s fields would eventually lead to them paying extra money to be able to practice on them. Renovating the sports fields will then make the school much more money. Although it might cost a lot of money to improve the fields, in the long run …show more content…

Having nice fields would attract students that are moving into the area to attend our school. For example, a student once told me that one of the reasons that he attended his school was because they had nice fields and he wanted to be able to play on them during gym class. The overall appearance of the school would seem much nicer. Having quality fields would attract more student athletes, and in turn, lead to an improvement in our sports teams. No student athlete wants to practice on a low quality field, because it would be a waste of their talent. The sports teams would show much better improvement as well. Fields should be renovated because it would attract all kinds of students and make our sports teams

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