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For the project, my partner and I created an app called Flash Study, to aid students’ study efforts. The app streamlines the process of making flashcards through the scanning feature, in which you can take a picture of your notes and then highlight the word or phrases you want on each side of the flashcard. After creating the flashcards, the app stores the decks for easy access to study whenever students have a few minutes throughout the day. It is also possible to create multiple choice and/or fill-in-the-blank practice quizzes through the app. Furthermore, students can search for flashcard decks and practice quizzes that have already been created and shared by other students using the app, and save them to their library for easy access …show more content…

We live in a time when everyone is looking for a quicker and easier way to complete tasks. If there is a quicker way to make flashcards to study from, students will take advantage of that opportunity. A student that is very involved in different activities but still wants to do well in their classes, will be willing to purchase an app that allows them to continue their extracurriculars and spend time with their friends without sacrificing their grades. There were a few suggestions from the practice presentations that we considered and added to our app and presentation, the main one being the ability to sort the saved flashcard decks by different filters such as alphabetically, by subject, or by date added. There were a few suggestions from the students about lowering the price or even making it free since many other flashcard apps are free. Nevertheless, we feel that since our app has a scanning feature that no other app has and does not have ads like many apps do, we wanted to charge something for its use. Still, during the presentation we mentioned that we do offer a free version that comes without the scanning feature and with ads. If they wanted something similar to quizlet but like the set up of our app better, they could download the free version of our app and still have access to the shared flashcard decks and

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