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State clearly the main purpose of the text?
The text introduces us to specific ways in which the body itself detects a change in the internal environment and how the body responds to the change in order to regulate or maintain a constant balance internally for the well-being of the person.
Question 2: Define the term hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus is an area of the brain that is notified of any imbalances occurring in the body and allows bodily processes to bring equilibrium.
Question 3:
State the function of the hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus is the part of the brain notified by receptors of an occurring imbalance in the body temperature and triggers reactions to overcome or counteract the change. Question 4:
Describe the process of homeostasis. …show more content…

The hypothalamus is notified and thus helps to introduce the body to heating measures. Less blood is released to the skin surface thereby maintaining heat inside the deep tissue warming the body. The muscles begin to contract on their own as a method of heating because of the increased action or activity.

Question 6:
Describe what happens when one’s body is overheated?
When the body overheats, the increased temperature is detected by the hypothalamus and cooling methods are introduced. More blood is pumped to the skin surface thus ridding bodily heat. The sweat glands are stimulated to produce more sweat which is evaporated and cools the skin. The more heat lost during perspiration, the quicker the internal imbalance is rectified.
Question 7:
Explain what happens if the blood pressure of a person falls below the set point?
If a drop in the blood pressure occurs the organ associated will be the brain. The brain initiates messages to the heart in order for it to beat faster increasing the pressure within the vessels. An increase in the pressure increases the heart action/rate allowing more blood to flow. The normal heart rate is restored.
Question 8:
Give an account of what happens if the blood pressure of a person rises above se

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