Flavors of the Middle East

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This top map of the Middle East shows that topography of the Middle Eastern countries. This map shows the Middle East country consists of Cyprus, The Asian part of Turkey, Lebanon , Israel , Syria, the West bank and Gaza, Iraq , Jordan ,Yemen , Oman ,Iran ,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Libya ,Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt. On the other hand this map also include the borders plus of river, land features and lakes.


Prominent food ingredients and flavoring Middle East
Bulgur wheat Cracked wheat also goes by the name Bulghur and is a common ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes. This is wheat that has had the husks removed before being steamed and crushed. then breaking it into pieces and in different grades of size Some cooks keep their pantries stocked with medium.

Canned Chickpeas

Their common use in Middle Eastern cooking makes them an essential to have around.

Lamb and mutton Lamb is a sheep that is typically under one year of age. There is little fat on lamb and the meat can vary in colour from a tender pink to a They prefer to make grilled meats or kebabs with lamb and mutton. The most popular are the cubed cuts on skewers and known as shies kebab in most places. Another common variety in middle east is kofta kebab, made with ground meat, mixed with spices and onions, shaped around the skewer like a long sausage and grilled pale red.

Cumin Cumin should be used sparingly, because it has a very strong taste and is quite spicy. Just a little

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