Flight Delays And Its Effects On The Travel System

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In this commercial air travel, flight delays are inevitable part in the travel system. It is a serious and widespread problem that places a significant strain on the U.S. air travel system and its customers. As we will see, some flights are delayed more frequently compared to other flights, so there is an interest in providing the information to the travelers. This project deals with the factors that affect flight delays. In order to find out we go with the data analytic process i.e. data mining process which goes under the open-source software package called Weka. We use this Weka software in developing the project with different models in predicting the flight delays.
What is Weka? Here is the brief introduction of the Weka software. WEKA defines as Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis. It is a data mining or a collection of machine learning algorithm applications that are used for data mining tasks for data analysis and predictive modelling techniques. Weka supports different tools like data pre-processing, clustering, regression and visualization. It is open source software and developed used object oriented language named java.

BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING: As discussed above, we are going to deal with the business problem that occurs in the commercial air travel system. Flight delay is one of the challenging problems for all airline companies which lead to financial losses and negative impact on the company. A 2010 study commissioned

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