The Case Of British Airways

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Johan Rivera
Liberty University British Airways (BA) is a company that encountered several difficulties back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The poor performances of the organization, was leading the company to failure. BA was offering a service that even though it accomplished the mission of the company, was not providing customer satisfaction. The organization was not taking into consideration the needs of the costumer and was not providing an acceptable customer service experience. “Productivity at BA in the 1970s was strikingly bad, especially in contrast to other leading foreign airlines” (Jick, Peiperl, 2010, p.28). Due to numerous changes, the company increased their revenues and became a respectful and well know organization.
In the reading “Re-energizing the Mature Organization”, the authors provide several stages that organizations can approach in order to achieved success in organizational change. The case of British Airways, can be related to this article because the company went through the changing challenges that allowed the organization to overcome the idea of failure. BA understood that in order to increase sales and remain competitive, they had to develop new strategies and concepts that would re-energize the company. Mr. Colin Marshall, Chief Executive of British Airways, took the responsibility to grow and re-stablish the costumer services department. As a leader, he provided tools that allowed employees to connect with

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