Florence Nightingale s Conceptual Model

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NIGHTINGALE’S ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY By Azeem Jan, Darlene Haddock, James Gibson, Jennifer Hall, Marisela Felix, and Melissa Dawley Grand Canyon University January 28, 2012 OVERVIEW OF NIGHTINGALE’S THEORY Florence Nightingale provided a framework for current nursing practice.  Health is achieved when an individual makes appropriate and educated decisions.  Illness is a negative reaction to a patient’s choices.  Key elements of nursing=clean environment, fresh air and water, warmth, quite and a healthy diet.  Nurses are both educators and manipulators of the environment.  CONCEPTS OF NIGHTINGALE’S THEORY  Sanitation  Light, Theory diet, cleanliness and efficient drainage  Environmental  Pure  Three Theory water, pure air…show more content…
 Home-health nurses can not only view the environment, but also have access to change it. By helping to provide clean air and water, access to light and variety and having one on one time to educate the patient on hygiene, the home-health nurse can directly alter the patient’s wellbeing and view of the environment and

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