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There are numerous arts and architecture that celebrate the medieval and the Renaissance history of Florence. Florence has a past not known to many, you could say it’s the untold history that dates back to the Roman empire. Before the Medici’s rise to power, the books of Machiavelli and Dante, and the David’s sculpted by Michelangelo and Donatello Florence was a Roman republic. Their influence on the city is overlooked and forgotten in books. The intention of this research paper is to shed some light on that forgotten past, to uncover the traces of Roman empire in Florence and the thrilling stories of some of the games in the Colosseum.

To understand the background of Florence, it is essential to explore how the city got its name.As the famous …show more content…

The Piazza is an important part of the ancient or medieval Italian city that is used as a public space and market (Fusch 1). In the ancient time, these Piazza were called Roman forum (Fusch 2). During the Roman empire, the forum served us a center to practice commerce, education, pagan religion, and politics (Fusch 3). Christians were not allowed to in the forum. They were forced to reside on the edge of the city (Fusch 3). After the decline of the empire, much of the Roman city system fell under the control of the Church (Fusch 3). The Piazza del Duomo was constructed at the edge of a Roman city, twelve centuries before the present-day Duomo construction began, in 16th or 17th AD (Fusch 3). The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Fiore was built on the remains of the ancient Roman Christian basilica of Santa Reparata (Fusch …show more content…

The ancient basilica was located directly in front of the baptistry eight meters closer to the present cathedral ("Crypt Of Santa Reparata" 1). The foundation of the basilica is believed to the vow of King of the Goths in thanks for the victory over King Radgaisus in around 405 AD ("Crypt Of Santa Reparata" 2). The basilica was rebuilt in Carolingian times after being damaged in the wars between the Goths and Byzantium (2).The basilica had three aisles with colonnades that separated the central nave from the sides, and an enclosure separating the apsidal choir from the public worshiping area, with an extension down the nave a communion serving area. The floor of the Santa Reparata is covered with polychrome mosaic with geometrical decorations

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