Flowers For Algernon Character Analysis

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The one thing people most often confuse with being an AIG student is that they’re just smart kids; but being smart doesn’t necessarily mean your automatically cut out for the classes, and isn’t the only quality they should have. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out for you like the college student explains, “I sat sometimes and tried to think of what I was doing wrong and why my ‘smart’ brain was failing me now” . I think the reason he’s in way over his head is because he thought being smart was all he had to do or be. Sure it can be a factor in the long run, but it doesn’t count as much as most people think. Another student says, “Quickly the number of students decreased as students found the class too much work” . It makes sense that people would drop out if it’s too much work for them, and that means they’re probably not right for being an AIG student. Most of them were probably considered smart, and got …show more content…

In Flowers for Algernon the main character says, "...all my life I wantid to be smart and not dumb” . That was the first step he took to changing his life, even if only for a moment in time. Before the procedure he gets happens he is taking night classes to try and learn basic knowledge. His commitment shows throughout the whole of the story, and shows how far it really goes. This is relevant to being an AIG student because without commitment you wouldn’t go very far as I said before.On another note, the teachers also play a big part in being an AIG student. Without teachers the program would not exist. They spend a lot of time teaching us more than they have to, and I personally think that’s awesome. I figure that if your teachers are good at their job than your job as a student gets easier. That’s what makes them so important. Without teachers, especially the really hard working ones, life as an AIG student would be significantly

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