Floyd Lawton Biography

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Deadshot a.k.a Floyd Lawton, the master marksman and hitman, died on March 25, 2015, from an attempt to save the Green Arrow and his team from a bomb in a hospital on a mission as a part of Taskforce-X. He died at the age of 35 in a good effort to save someone instead of being the Super Villain he really was.

Floyd Lawton was born in Gotham City June 1st, 1980, to parents George and Genevieve. As a child, his father, George, was very abusive. One day his mother, Genevieve, had asked Floyd to kill him because she couldn't take the abuse anymore. So the next day, he climbed up to his tree house. Right before he took his shot, the branch he was on broke and the only time in his life that he had missed, he killed his brother Eddie instead. He dropped out of Gotham …show more content…

He then joined the military and served for 5 years. After he retired from the military and came home he had been changed by all of the death and war he had seen. At the time his daughter, Zoe, was only 3 years old. Zoe could say “mommy” and recognized her mom, Susan. Then, when Floyd saw Zoe didn’t know who he was, Floyd pulled a gun on Susan because she didn’t teach their daughter about him. She called the police and she divorced him that night. He found out a few years later, that his daughter was being raised in a corrupt part of the city, he set out on his quest to cleanse the city using his unearthly accuracy skills and later rising in power in the Gotham City Underworld. He is then exposed by Batman and Commissioner Gordon and sent to prison. After his sentence, he then becomes a hired hitman. He then makes a costume out of metal plates with a mounted machine gun on each wrist and a targeting device on his right eye for better accuracy. He was later captured by Batman and handed over to A.R.G.U.S., a secret government agency, and was recruited for a group of villains called the

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