Foamed Polystyrene Research Paper

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Pollution has become an emerging issue in our contemporary society. The awful smell reeks of filth as it wraps itself around my body like the second skin. The particles invade my lungs and sting my eyes even if I squint into the city streets at Wichita downtown. They call it "smog," but truly it is a chemical soup that can only shorten our lives and exacerbate health issues. Whenever this happens, some walk-in face masks, others hide in homes with air filtration, but most of us can afford neither. We take food where we can get it and sleep fitfully amidst our own coughing. The old tale of a time when the air was so clean that trees and blossoms had a fragrance and the sky was blue like it is in the VR games advertised from all the electronic …show more content…

Bacteria, fungi and other decomposers cannot break down these substances because of their chemical composition. Styrofoam, also known as foamed polystyrene, is a non-biodegradable substance that can cause environmental problems when it becomes litter. For instance, styrene, a neurotoxin at high doses, can leach out of polystyrene materials when temperatures climb and this can be detrimental. Sadly, the only places we now call clean are our homes: some of our lawns are also pristine. We feel that the pollutants are within the dome as the rest of our local community is a barren wasteland, home only to the chemical pollutants we expel from our bubble. However, life carries on much like it always did, only the television has less news to report about this issue. The dome is blue to mimic the way the sky used to look, the energy pumped in from solar panels above the smog layer. They say the oceans are dead: all life extinct, but we should plunge in and save our local lakes and rivers from this tragedy by skimming off the plastics from the surface. Our breathable air is now courtesy of the scientists rather than the trees. We had all the advantages, all the ability to live in a pristine state and county of rich natural beauty, but we squandered it chasing material wealth. All this can be changed through a united

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