Food As Thought Or Eating Mar Maxfield Analysis

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Food as Thought or Food is Thoughtless Do you think that you can eat healthy by eating what society says is unhealthy? Many people would answer this question with no you have to eat what society says is healthy to be healthy. Mary Maxfield is a graduate of “Fontbonne University” where she graduated with a degree in “creative social change” she also minored in “sociology, American culture studies, and women’s and gender studies”. (442) Max Maxfield currently attends “Bowling Green State University” where she is continuing her studies in “American Studies”. (442) Mar Maxfield argues that you don’t need to eat healthy to be healthy. Max Maxfield supports her argument with strong counter-arguments, and strong facts to back up her view. In her article, Maxfield first starts by talking about people in France and how they can eat many things that are seen to be unhealthy to Americans like “cheese, cream, and …show more content…

One of these quotes Maxwell used was a quote from fat – acceptance activist Kate Harding that says, “if you scratch an article on the obesity crisis, you will almost always find a press release from a company that’s developing a weight loss drug------or from a ‘research group’. . . fund by such companies.” (444) Maxwell continues to say that in our culture we continue to favor what the media says about how being fat is fatal and how being thin is immortal even though we should be favoring what scientists say about our health. Using a quote from Kate Harding, talking about how the media is influenced by drug companies or research groups funded by such companies then talking about how we think being fat is fatal while being thin is immortal it allowed Maxwell to show that she thinks that we shouldn’t care as much if we are fat or thin because the people who are trying to influence us to believe that are doing it for their own

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