Food Festival 's Disaster Preparedness And Emergency Response Plan

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The Charlotte Food Festival is prepared to organize a food based event that affords the attendees a great experience in a safe and efficient manner. "An emergency action plan is a formal written plan, developed by the sponsor, that identifies potential emergency conditions at the event site and prescribes the procedures to be followed to minimize or prevent loss of life and property" (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, n.d, pg.3). Therefore, the committee will develop an emergency action plan to address the potential risk associated with the particular event. The following sections of the Charlotte Food Festival’s disaster preparedness/emergency response plan will detail the various techniques and strategies to address the risks associated with food safety and illness prevention, alcohol, crowd control, weather, fire, violent threats, and various emergencies.
The presence of alcohol can add to the regular risks that may arise throughout the execution of a food festival. Therefore, it is vital that an alcohol protocol is in place to reduce the occurrence of problems that happen because the serving of alcohol. “As the people responsible for events’ overall management, event managers are also responsible for overall alcohol management, even if they are not the licensees” (Health Promotion Agency, 2014, para.16). The Charlotte Food Festival’s alcohol policy will address how the event will ensure alcohol is consumed in a legal and responsible manner by all

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