Disaster Preparedness, La Porte Office Of Emergency Management

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Houston and neighboring cities are no strangers to emergencies. There are two forms of disasters, that affect our world today, manmade and natural. Being located along the gulf coast makes us vulnerable to natural tragedies. Some of the natural hazards are floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. On the other hand, we are not over looked by manmade disasters, like refinery explosions, fires and chemical spills. When emergencies happen, they send our daily lives spiraling into chaos. Learning from the catastrophes in the past help us to survive the tragedies in the future.
This paper will educate and prepare the city of La Porte, Texas how to organize and prepare for such emergencies. Keywords: disaster preparedness, La Porte office of emergency management

Disaster Preparedness
As one of the most prominent petro chemical industrial centers in the state of Texas, located along the gulf coast makes La Porte a potential target for natural or man-made disasters. The purpose of this community assignment is to cultivate, promote and implement an effective emergency disaster program for the residents of the community of La Porte Texas. Our areas of teaching and operation will be community centers, churches and parks. The focus of this community assignment will be preparedness for natural or man-made tragedies. First, there should always be an emergency plan in place and all members of the family should be familiar with it. Knowing what supplies to

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