Food Insecurity

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Food insecurity is a big problem, but to understand, decrease, and solve it some big questions need to be asked, answered, and talked about. These questions include: Who does it affect and why? What’s happening locally to help alleviate the problem? And, what are the best solutions? This hunger problem has been around too long and the time to solve it is now. MANNA, a local food bank, is dedicated to solving food insecurity in Western North Carolina by keeping food pantries supplied and ready to serve the population in need.
Hunger and food insecurity are big problems in America and all around the world. To understand food insecurity, one must know how it is defined. Food insecurity is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture as “a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life.”(What 1) Hunger is not a new problem in America, and though the problem is still prevalent, the food insecurity rate among most Americans has decreased in recent years because of economic boosts ( Even though the economic boost has helped alleviate the overall problem, the increased expectations for how people spend their money and live their lives as consumers can also contribute to food insecurity. Some of the reasons that an individual or family would be food insecure are car repairs, medical bills, loss of income or other emergencies.(Valentine 1)
Food insecurity can cause health problems for children that don’t get proper nourishment and

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