Food Insecurity

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Food Insecurity – A Public Health Issue The day before Thanksgiving I left work thinking about all the things I still needed to do for the holiday such as picking up take-out so I wouldn’t have to cook anything that night, making one more trip to the store, and wondering if I should buy another dessert. It started raining, and I was hoping it would stop before I had to park at the grocery store, and the store wouldn’t be too crowded. When I got to my first destination of the night, my thoughts stopped, and I realized that my worries were pretty superficial. I had just arrived for my volunteer shift at the food pantry at Rosie’s Place, a Shelter and resource center for women in Boston. There I remembered just what being thankful was all about. The women who were picking up their groceries that night didn’t have my superficial worries, they had to worry about how to make food stretch from one check to the next. They had to worry about carrying multiple heavy bags of food in the rain, on a crowed bus and through neighborhoods that are not safe in the daylight, never mind at night. These women and their families are among the many in the country that are food insecure. Who are the poor and food insecure? Food insecurity is defined as “limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable food in socially acceptable ways” (Burke, M.P, Martini, L.H., Cayir, E., Hartline-Grafton, H. L., Meade, R.L.,

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