Food Nannies: Who Decides What You Eat? Essay

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Do you think you have freedom? It seems these days that the Government is trying to take that away, even though they say they are giving you more freedom than ever before. By adding calorie counts to menues, banning and reducing salt intake, and adding a "Fat Tax" to groceries, the Government believes it will help make people healthier. The Government says that they are just trying to do there part and are giving us more options. To me it seems that they are taking away our options and forcing us to do what they consider "healthier decisions." Michelle Obama says, "To change behavior, it's going to take the Government doing it's part." In "Myth, Lies, and Complete Stupidity", it says that, "The Government doing it's part usually means …show more content…

Researchers check reciepts and more people are ordering food with more calories. This obviously isn't working so why is the Government still forcing this law to be in effect? I believe that knowledge is power. I believe that we should take every opportunity we can about the foods we eat, what is healthiest for us and what may not be the healthiest for us. But, the ultimate choice is ours ands ours alone. We are a nation based on freedon. The freedoms that we so cherish cannot and should not be controlled by our Government making decisions that are the ultimate decision of the individual person. If we allow the Government into our every day lives in something that concerns our decision making of what and how much food we put in our bodies, what will be next? Will the Government then tell us what literature is best for us to read and ban the rest? Will the Government tell us how many children we are allowed to have per family? These are just some other ways that the Government is "doing it's part". How is that giving us more options? They are forcing us to do what they consider healthier even though some of us don't want to follow that rule. Not all of want to eat healthier. As sad as that is, it's true. Some people are very happy with their eating habits whether it's healthy or not. So, why force those people to do something they have no interest in doing in the first place? So, if you are asking me whether or not I think it should be

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