Food Security Is The Deadliest Category Of Malnutrition

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Food Security Food security is defined as having access to sufficient amounts and safe food at all times, in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Food security is often times looked upon as just the availability of food, but safety and hygiene of food and food products gets overlooked. For example, many developing countries don’t have the specific education needed to know that certain chemicals, such as pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides, should only be applied during certain growth stages of crops. This causes the consumption of these crops to be very harmful to individuals. Food insecurities are causing many problems, leading to malnourishment, famines, and death in developing countries. Many countries within …show more content…

Another major task they need to incorporate into their government would be implementing agricultural and food policies that will be effective and help the economy. Although, this may be hard to accomplish due to the violence and corrupt government in Nigeria. Justice could be the ethical argument behind this, because many people are suffering from unfairness from the jihadists. They are stealing people’s possessions, food, and animals that they live off from. They are unable to make any money from the crops that they had grown, animals they raised, and are going hungry from this, causing food insecurities and malnutrition throughout the country. Nigeria in not the only country in Africa facing these problematic situations. Al Hudayah in Yemen is also suffering from war and government conflicts. The Saudi jets have been attacking and bombing villages throughout Yemen. This has caused a sudden decrease in many people’s income, which is making it hard for individuals to buy food for themselves and their families. Again, this hunger crisis with severe acute malnutrition could lead to famine very shortly if no steps are taken to overcome the problem. The ethical argument behind the situation that Yemen is currently facing could also be justice or rights. This is because it is unfair for a country to be suffering due to conflict or war. A majority of the individuals being bombed or killed from the war are innocent people that are just trying to

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