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Is the Food Stamp Program a Substantial Contribution to Childhood Obesity? Is the Food Stamp Program a Substantial Contribution to Childhood Obesity? Introduction Is the rising rate of childhood obesity within the United States affected by the food stamp program? This is the question that formulated the basis of my research. Looking at the rising statistics of obesity rates within America’s youth and researching why the weight of the United States community is significantly passing those of its surrounding countries. In researching this topic I hope to determine if the food stamp program is in any way responsible for this increasing health issue. As the years progress the health of today’s youth is rapidly decreasing. Although the…show more content…
These limitations force the recipients to make their food stamps last over the given month that they are disbursed; this usually leads them to buying products in bulk. Families that usually worry about having enough food on a day to day basis are given the ability to purchase food products without limitations, tend to focus on quantity over quality. Concentrating on quantity is the determinant food stamp recipients use in making meager choices and over consume low-quality food. More often than not they buy more food that would not be considered healthy or beneficial towards their diet. The increase in weight progressively occurs as the recipients continue to receive the food stamps. Gibson (2004 p. 372) also examined the long term effect of food stamp participation on childhood obesity. In her study Gibson focused on the quantity, quality, and timing of food consumption’s effects on the food stamp program’s young recipients. She examined the eating habits of children participating in the food stamp program as well as their physical activity (Gibson 2006 p. 1081). She concluded that long-term participation is positively and suggestively associated with being overweight among younger children who are under the poverty line. Opposing Views The article titled “Child Specific Food Insecurity and Overweight are Not Associated in a Sample of 10-15-Year-Old Low-Income Youth” expresses an opposing view (Gunderson, Lohman, Eisenmann, Garasky

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