Food Standards Australia New Zealand

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1. Introduction
Food is vital for all living organisms to nourish and carry out the daily metabolism required for their survival. Besides that, consuming food free from pathogens is further more important to protect ourselves from unwanted diseases. Food micro biology enables us to analyse ,detect and counter the microbial activity in food.Changes in the lifestyle have increased the demand of ready to eat or minimally processed foods by people ,thus microbilogical safety of such foods is an utmost concern to mainatin public health(Abadias et al. 2008).In Australia ‘FOOD STANDARDS AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND’ (FSANZ) had regulated the guidelines for food safety. Salmonella ,Listeria monocytogens,Staphylococcus aureus,Bacillus cereus,Aeromonas …show more content…

2006),low concentration of ozone has been reported to be successful for inactivation of microflora to enhance safety of fresh food(Kim, Yousef & Dave 1999).
3.Materials and Methods
The materials and methodology was followed as per the guidelines given in the lab manual(Ajlouni,2015).
3.1 Week 1
In sterile conditions, 25 grams of sprouts were added to 225 ml of 0.1% peptone. with the help of Stomacher, those two are blended to have a primary dilution of the sample. It acts as the 10-1 dilution, and then aseptically a serial dilution is done upto 10-5 . 100µl of sample from 10-3, 10-4, 10-5 were spread /inoculated on PCA agars. Half of the PCA plates are incubated aerobically , while other half of them are incubated anaerobically. A negative and positive control is prepared by inoculating 0.1%peptone and Escherichia coli onto PCA agar plates respectively.(incubation). Then four different selective media were taken namely MacConkey, Bright Green Agar(BGA), Listeria Selective Media(LSM), Oxytetracyclne-Glucose Yeast Extract(OGYE).these selective media were inoculated by spreading the sample from 10-2,10-3,10-5 dilutions. (incubation).
3.2 Week 2
Agar plates which were incubated on previous week are collected. Total number of colonies on both PCA and selective

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