For As Long As I Can Remember, I Have Been Fascinated By

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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by my social environment and felt compelled to analyze the underlying facets of human communication. As opposed to readily advancing my own opinions, my nature has always been to observe, listen, and try to find solutions on a case-by-case basis. This interest in analyzing social interaction has not only helped me to understand others but is has also been an innate gift that I believe has assisted me in persevering through some of the most difficult personal challenges I have faced.

My childhood has shaped this intrinsic want to dedicate myself to people. In doing so, I feel compelled to explain why my family has had such a strong impact on my life. Growing up as a child in a Greek
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I spent endless hours studying psychology books and learning about biochemistry. I discovered that the makeup of an individual was a result of a complex combination of one’s social environment and the composition of one’s brain. All of this self-taught knowledge now only distracted me from the disastrous circumstances around me gave me a clear picture of where my place was in the world; to pursue a career in Mental Health. As unfortunate as the circumstances were, this was the time in my life where I had the opportunity to communicate with families of ailing loved ones and the patients themselves. My passion for interacting and understanding stemmed from my early childhood exposures to people in these types of settings. Instead of isolating myself from the world, these observations didn’t diminish my dream of being a Mental Health Counselor but strengthened it. I instantly gravitated towards listening to other people 's problems and offered suggestions on how to deal. More importantly, I discovered the immense feeling of satisfaction garnered when I was able to support others in need. Considering the positive feedback I received, I was certain that being a Therapist of some kind was what I am suited to do with my life and that it is my calling. Whether it is close friends, family, or just peers, I am constantly willing to lend an ear, now and then. Even if I did not feel adequate proposing
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