Essay on For Better or Worse: Genetically Modified Organisms

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GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are plants and animals that have had their DNA changed. The organisms have been given genes from other living things to modify them to resist things such as insects, herbicides, and diseases. This way the modified foods and animals increase food production. Yet in the process of tampering with the genetic makeup or DNA of these organisms into something unnatural we learn some things should be left alone. The purpose of this essay is to discuss three causes and effects of GMOs, which are human and animal health concerns, environmental concerns, and moral and ethical concerns.
First, the one main concern to humans is no one can say with any certain degree that GMOs are indeed safe. For …show more content…

The more and more the environment in genetically altered the more unpredictable it becomes, thus putting the entire balance of nature and life in harms way.
Third, there will always be moral and ethical dilemmas about using GMOs. For when creating a genetically modified organism its very existence is effected. If scientists continue to alter the DNA of organism this in turn could threaten the natural order of life. For instance some animals are being crossed with other species and those other species might be prohibited to consume in some religions. Also some foods might be genetically engineered with materials from animals, so this will cause vegetarians and vegans to become more cautious. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” Also is in morally right to not have to label foods that contain GMOs. A majority of people need to read the ingredients to avoid certain items, this should be the same case for GMOs. Not everyone wants to consume products that have been genetically crossed with another species. GMOs are created to cause increased production of foods, but in effect we have to decide if it is morally and ethically right to accept in our lifestyles.
These are only three of the numerous causes and effects of GMOs, but they are more than enough to realize that GMOs are becoming a problem. It is not something to take likely considering GMOS affect all living organisms. It seems scientists have intended good causes yet the bad

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