For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf

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Aiming to gratify others has a tendency of making people act in ways other than their usual self. As one begins to act the way others want them to they begin to lose distinctiveness and individuality. For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf by Ntozake Shange is about a specific set of women, who aim to please a certain man or different men. Each woman is hurt in some way by a man and as they progress throughout the series of “choreopoems”, they alter themselves in different ways to cause an effect upon the various men they associate themselves with. As the women describe their experiences, it is obvious that they make drastic changes in themselves. These women lose purpose and become confused, bitter, scared, …show more content…
She also shows adversity to being her natural self by saying, “We deal wit emotion too much/ so why don’t we go on ahead & be white then… & maybe tonite/ i’ll find a way to make myself come witout you” (Shange, No More Love Poems #1 Lines 1-4, Lines 9-10). The Lady in Blue shows that she does not want to be a hurt colored woman anymore. She feels that being white would be much easier and that without a man, her life is worthless as a colored woman. She expresses how she would like to receive love from any man. She states, “thinking wont do me a bit of good tonite/ I need to be loved/ & haven’t the audacity to say where are you/ & don’t know who to say it to” (Shange, No More Love Poems #1 Lines 12- 15). The Lady in Blue feels that she needs to be loved but she does not wish for a specific man, showing that she needs a man to feel complete. Like the Lady in Blue, the other women change and run away from their adversities instead of becoming stronger and more independent from them. These women have no strong, identifying characteristics. Rather they feel insignificant and overlooked unless they come together to cause something major to happen.

Instead of acting in ways to better themselves, these women look for ways to harm or help men, making them reactors rather than actors. For example, the Lady in Red uses a seductive appearance to sleep with random men and rejects them the following morning in order to
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