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Shahad Al-Khawaji 1030209 Mrs. Nejwa Al-Ghoraibi Research Methods –Lane 331 8, April, 2012 The Effects Of Grief in For One More Day This paper studied the character Charles (Chick) Benetto in For One More Day by Mitch Albom and the effects of losing a loved one on people as Mr. Benetto lost his mother. The author showed through this character the importance of the relationship with our families and the mother’s love. This research holds more than one theme in the novel such as grief, love, perfection, regrets and forgiveness. In life, everyone have to face this kind of situation, but it has a different influence on each person. As humans we all need the love of mother 's. It could never be compared to any kind of other…show more content…
The novel has a little bit of imagination when Mr. Benetto sees the ghost of his mother after she died as how it mentioned in the book. The researcher looked at it from another perspective that it is something realistic and not imaginary, sometimes people go through a lot in their lives and that put them in hard times that could cause a mental illness or high depression that cause hallucinations, “in grief there is no 'normal '” (Smith 9). Losing someone is very hard specially one of the family members, no matter how good or bad the relationship is it will always be the hardest kind of loss. People grow up, change and leave but the need of the parents will never change, everyone has a child inside himself and need someone to go back to in the hard times, someone you love and someone you trust. No one in this world wants the best for you as much as the mother because no one carries the much of love for you as she does. Mr. Benetto didn 't know how much he needed his mother until she was gone, that was the worst period of his life and he needed her more than any time before. The researcher thinks because of the strong love that she had for her sun and the strong relationship between them she stood by him, her spirit was surrounding him and helped him to get through his distress and depression. “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. You are connected to

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