For-Profit Schools Should Be Banned Essay

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For-profit schools should they be banned around the world? In "U. S Halts New Rules Aimed at abuses For-Profit colleges'‘ by Stacey Cowley and Patricia Cohen, This article is talking about how students, all around the worlds and getting financially put in dept. by for-profit schools and how they going back and forth trying to shut down the schools. Reading up on social media, they call for-profit predators for feeding them with promises that are never kept screwing them in the long run. hearing this, a for-profit school should be banned because they won't find a decent job, after graduation, they stay in high debt. after schools closed students have big issues.

First, Student doesn't end up finding decent jobs at all, which it makes it hard for them in the long run. Emily said (par 2), ‘' … failed to show that their graduates could find decent jobs, meaning the former students have annual loan payments that are more than 30 percent of their discretionary income and more than 12 percent of their total earnings''. These results are really intimidating to anyone and not knowing that they …show more content…

Danielle Douglas- Gabriel said, ‘' it's difficult to make any assessments about the value of for-profit graduate degrees without any sense of the path students take after leaving the programs. Still, the amount of debt that students incur in some for-profit graduate programs is astonishing''. Clearly, Danielle is stating here that the programs in for-profit schools tend to have very, very high prices for their programs, which maybe are outraged prices compared to community colleges prices. Danielle also said, ‘' Graduates students borrowed the most amount of money, $756 million, to attend Walden….''. Looking at these numbers is a very big an astonishing number just for students to attend one school, so now imagine multiplying that to the other for-profit

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