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Alex is a 17 year old teenager from Canada, who is a protagonist in the Young-adult fiction book Forbidden City by William.E.Bell. He and his father who works as a journalist travel to China in 1989 to record events and report them back to Canada. Then a protest stirs up and the Tiananmen Square massacre begins. Alex’s father is captured recording the “illegal” events and is arrested. Alex fights back and barely escapes with a few tapes of the protest. He is reunited with his dad, and they return to Canada with tapes of the horrifying events. Throughout the story, Alex shows great perseverance and determination, and he fought…show more content…
he doesn’t care that he has tapes or anything, because Alex’s main priority is to protect his friends and the ones close to him. When Alex and Xin Hua get captured (Pg. 252 - 255) after the officer discovered that Alex was a foreigner, and the officer began dragging Alex and Xin Hua away from each other. Alex pleaded to the officers, “Please, she has nothing to do with this! Please don’t hurt her!’ (Pg.254)The officer then started forcing Alex to back off and go away. He kept saying, “Please, please don’t hurt her. Let her go. Please!” He tried one more time, but to no avail. Mid way through Alex’s 3rd plead, Xin Hua was shot behind a group of trees. Alex began to scream and attacked the officer, “You bastard! You bastard! You bloody bastard!” Alex was quickly forced into submission, and stopped fighting. He was then taken to a taxi and taken to the airport to be flown back to

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