Forced Marriage : A Form Of Abuse And A Honor Crime Against Humanity Essay

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Forced marriage has been an upcoming issue for a period of time now, as seen as a form of abuse and a honor crime against humanity specifically more so towards women throughout different cultures. Forced marriage within Europe is predominately practiced by minority cultures like South Asian, Somali, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Latin American, among other cultures. These cultures alike others follow their own cultural and religious practices, but with todays society other cultures may view these practices as wrong or not okay. While arranged marriage is a widely accepted cultural practice, forced marriage is not viewed as a norm, quite the opposite actually. Forced marriages can typically a means to acquire entry into a country or bring a family to a country of origin through family reunification, and to continue or protect familial honor. Forced marriage is defined as a legal union where one or both of the participating parties are coerced into marriage against their free will and under duress. Duress in this situation can include physical, psychological, financial, sexual, and emotional pressure from families or others (Sabbe, 2014). Forced marriage can commonly be confused with arranged marriage, which can make it hard to find the clear definitional line between the two. Arranged marriage is common among many cultures and is defined where both participating parties give full and free consent to the union (Chantler, 2009).
Forced marriage is internationally seen as a form

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