Ford Pinto Fires Case Study and Executive Summary Essay

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Ford Pinto Fires Case Study and Executive Summary John Bonner, Scotti Greenleaf, Rose Scarbrough MGT216 University of Phoenix October 18, 2010 Sarah Nelson Ford Pinto Fires Case Study and Executive Summary Introduction During the Late 1960’s the Ford Motor Company was one of the leading auto manufactures in the United States. Ford was credited with revolutionizing the muscle car era of the 1950’s and 1960’s. During the mid 1960’s Lee Iacocca helped Ford establish itself in the late 1960’s with the introduction of the Ford Mustang. During this time foreign auto manufactures were gaining market share in the mid to compact car markets. This was largely due to customers seeking more fuel efficient cars because of soaring fuel…show more content…
This was brought to the attention of Ford management, but both the engineers and management decided to move forward with production and the Pinto went to market. Dennis A. Gioa was the recall coordinator for Ford Motor Company during this time, and had opportunities to initiate a recall of the Pinto but chose not to do so. He went against his own values to do what was best for the corporation. All parties that were involved in the Ford Pinto case chose to do what was best for the corporation, and ignored his or hers values and ethics. Corporate Mission and Ethics Ford motor company has made many improvements in the quality of its products over time since the seventies which is the period in which the Pinto case took place. Ford has placed greater focus on customer satisfaction, innovation and doing what is good for the environment. The company has many programs which are geared towards the community. These programs are in the areas of education, diversity and driver safety among others. The Company is a global leader in the automotive industry. It manufactures and distributes a variety of types of vehicles across six continents. It has about 200,000 employees and operates 90 plants which are located all over the world. Just like in the seventies, the mission statement of the company has not changed much. Its main goal is to produce affordable vehicles that consumers demand. Ford

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