Ford Pinto 's Gas Tank

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1970 to 1980 Ford Motor Company produced a car that stayed within “the limits of 2000.” This car would weight no more than 2,000 lbs. and wouldn’t cost the customer more than $2,000. This vehicle was extremely fuel efficient, easy on both the consumer and manufactures wallet, and quick to produce. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it was, consumers loved the Ford Pinto, and Ford was pleased they were keeping up in a time when overseas dealers were threating their very existence; that was of course until it was found out Ford had faulty design and ignored the safety test findings, which resulted in an estimated 500 deaths. The cause of the deaths became one of the biggest ethical issues Ford Motors has dealt with: cutting cost vs. human life. The Ford Pinto had a major design flaw, the gas tank. Consumers generally get concerned when you start placing possible explosive properties together. These properties are: fuel and an enclosed space such as your fuel tank in unsafe areas, which is understandable. The engineers that created the Pinto designed a fuel filter that would disconnect and allow fuel to spill everywhere in the event of an accident. To make matters worse they also placed the fuel tank behind the rear axles of the vehicle, which left very little room for error and increased the risk of possible puncturing of the tank from the differential and surrounding brackets in the event of a rear-end collision. Why you ask? More trunk space of course! The engineers who

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