Ford Smith : Art Gallery

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Ford Smith I went to the Ashley’s Art Gallery in Fuquay-Varina and spoke to the gallery owner, Rick Mullen, about local artists. As we walked around he pointed out some paintings by artists in the triangle area, but what truly caught my eye were two paintings by an artist out of Roswell, Georgia, Ford Smith. His paintings are very vibrant, intergenic, and bright. They stood out to me among all the art in the gallery. Ashley’s Art Gallery is a small family owned art gallery, that has been in operation since 1973 in Fuquay-Varina. Although Ashley’s Art Gallery is small is has been on the Greenwich Workshop 's top galleries since 1997. They try to be very accommodating to their customers. The gallery is easy to navigate with many different type of art on display. They feature: jewelry, floral sculptures, pottery, and many different categories of paintings. Seeing art in person is much different than seeing art in a book, online or projected images. The colors and texture of Smith’s paintings are very prominent in person. I noticed from the brochures that the gallery has of Ford Smith’s art, the photographs can’t translate the factual colors of his work. The paintings in the gallery stand out and call your attention. Smith’s paintings are pulsating with color; they truly stand out on the pale gallery walls. Ford Smith was a military brat, which means he was raised by a military family. His father was in the Air Force. At the age of twelve his family was stationed in Japan.

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