Foreign Direct Investment Of Chin Spill Over Effects On Domestic Enterprises

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Foreign direct investment in China - Deng, Ziliang. 2011, Foreign direct investment in China: spill over effects on domestic enterprises / Deng Ziliang Routledge New York
This book provided great insight regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) and it ability to stimulate domestic enterprises productivity. It contained specific research conducted in the Chinese economy and in relation to my research topic, identified and explored China receiving the largest FDI influx of developing economies since 1993. Particular interests and strength in this book:
• Exploration of mechanisms through which FDI promotes the productivity of domestic enterprises.
• Developed a research framework to quantify the spill over effects into domestic enterprises.
• Examines the presence of multinational enterprises and how it’s role as one of the most significant microeconomic drivers for the Chinese economy
• How though learning by going and knowledge transfer from multinational affiliates, domestic enterprises have learned to export and have changed the landscape of world.

Foreign Direct Investment and Governments: Catalysts for Economic Restructuring - Dunning, John H., & Narula, Rajneesh. 1996, Foreign direct investment and governments: catalysts for economic restructuring / edited by John H. Dunning and Rajneesh Narula Routledge, London; New York

This book provided critical examination of the complex and relationship between foreign direct investment, government policy and economic

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