Foreign Language In Middle School

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Foreign Language, Noun: Any language used in a country other than one’s own; a language that is mostly for cultural insight. In many Middle schools taking a foreign language in does not count towards high school. Our school should allow any student’s credits of taking a foreign language in middle school, count towards high school.
Students would now be required to take Spanish 3 in freshman year to make those two years in middle school count, this can be very stressful for the student. An online commenter had said “Spanish 3 was an extremely stressful class for me.” Later in his comment he states he took spanish 3 in his third year in high school. So what this means is that he was a Sophomore and the class was still very stressful. Imagine what taking spanish 3 would be like for a freshman who is new to high school. This may put even more stress on the student because they are still trying to adjust to the way that there highschool works.
In middle school many students take two years of foreign language to get it out of the way for high school, but many middle schools in the US do not allow students credits to be transferred unless they take a third year in Highschool. According to Ethan Hopkins a Sophomore in High School, he had took two years of spanish in Middle School, and in order for those two years to count he had to take a third
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Now an online blogger had stated, “Last year, we were forced to start writing essays (3-5 paragraphs in full Spanish) for our tests, plus multiple short answer questions. This was a huge leap from Spanish II, making many of the students in my class struggle.” This quote shows that many of the students in her class had struggled in spanish 3, now again these students were either Jr.’s or sophomores. Freshmen that take Spanish 3 are most likely going to have a hard time being able to do there
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